1970-01-01 08:32

  Sunbow acrylic glass fiber pipe has been benchmarked against the international first-line brands, and it must meet the standard after 1-3 times of proofing, and Sunbow has become the exclusive supplier of TOSHIBA.

  Sunbow acrylic glass fiber sleeve is the first-line international brands, such as TOSHIBA and NEDIC, which are the four leading industrial motors in the world. Sunbow acrylic glass fiber sleeve has been used for many years. As we all know, a small and medium-sized enterprise needs to go through layers of screening to become a direct supplier of brand customers. However, Sunbow did not need to spend a long time to enter these brand companies, so it was chosen by brand customers. The main reason is that Sunbow acrylic glass fiber tube must meet the requirements of customers after proofing for 1-3 times. At present, no rival in China can be so powerful.

  The temperature resistance of acrylic glass fiber tube is 155 degrees, which has the characteristics of wear resistance and oil resistance, and the price is slightly cheaper than that of silicone glass fiber tube. Industrial motor manufacturers will give priority to this kind of sleeve, including the driving motor of new energy vehicles. Most of the acrylic glass fiber tubes made by peers are not as wear-resistant as Sunbow acrylic glass fiber tubes, and the voltage is not as stable as Sunbow, which can not meet the requirements of customers.

  TOSHIBA, a brand customer, has a huge demand for acrylic glass fiber tubes. After two samples, our company was directly listed as an important supplier by customers. At the beginning of the cooperation, the customer only purchased our double-layer acrylic glass fiber tube, and later learned that our company also produced single-layer acrylic glass fiber tube, and there was no complaint about the sleeve that our company supplied for one year, so we also affirmed our products and agreed to the sample test of single-layer acrylic glass fiber tube. After testing the sample for the first time, the customer gave feedback that our acrylic glass fiber tube sample passed the test, which was actually expected. After all, the one-time pass rate of our sample was as high as 60%. So the customer began to place an order for single-layer acrylic glass fiber tube to our company.

  However, a few months later, the customer's production department reported that the voltage of our acrylic glass fiber tube was low, and our company conducted a full inspection of the existing stock sleeves, all of which met the voltage standard. So, that night, my quality manager and I flew directly from Shenzhen to Nantong, Jiangsu Province, and directly tested our casing in our customer's factory, only to find that what our customer needs is actually a higher voltage, which is not our standard voltage. Therefore, our company re-provided samples for customer testing according to customer's requirements, which also passed at one time. As a result, after a few months of small orders, the customer expressed satisfaction with the stability of our casing quality, and then increased our order to 60%. Our company will continue to strive to increase the customer's order volume to 80%, which is our affirmation and honor.

  Sunbow acrylic glass fiber tube is the first-line brand in the world. The acrylic oil of Sunbow acrylic glass fiber tube is self-trained, and has its own exclusive formula. At the same time, it has a well-equipped laboratory that is difficult for peer manufacturers to compare with, and there is no second one in China. Therefore, large and small manufacturers are also attracted to sample test Sunbow acrylic glass fiber tube, and Sunbow is also willing to spend time to test the customer's requirements for samples again and again, and then submit the samples to the customer for testing until they meet the customer's sample requirements. Therefore, it has the reputation that proofing must meet the standard without more than 3 times, and other peers can't match it.