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1970-01-01 08:32

  Sunbow PVC heat shrinkable tube for battery pack of BAIC New Energy Vehicle is twice as flexible as peers and easy to shrink.

  Batteries are generally packed with PVC heat shrinkable tubes, while Sunbow PVC heat shrinkable tubes are specially used for battery packs of BAIC New Energy Vehicle, because they are twice as flexible as their peers and easy to shrink, and the shrinkage time is one-third less than that of their peers. Adopting Sunbow PVC heat shrinkable tube not only improves work efficiency, but also greatly reduces labor cost.

  In power batteries, besides the liquid lithium battery technology with high energy density, the external packaging of lithium batteries is also very important. The only insulating sleeve for packaging battery packs can only be PVC heat shrinkable tube, which is not only flexible but also has a bright surface. Many domestic peers can only achieve the so-called softness, but can't meet the requirements of new energy vehicle battery packs 100%. However, Sunbow's PVC heat shrinkable tube can match its insulation requirements. Moreover, the softness is twice that of peers, which is different from the traditional manufacturing method.

  There are at least 50~60 domestic manufacturers that can produce PVC heat shrinkable tubes, but apart from Sunbow, there is no manufacturer that can produce PVC heat shrinkable tubes with twice the flexibility and short shrinkage time. Our PVC heat shrinkable tubes were used in BYD, Great Wall and other vehicles in the early stage, and now they are mainly supplied to Weilai and Guangzhou Automobile. Because the competition of PVC heat shrinkable tubes is fierce, Sunbow first developed a series of soft properties to adapt to another automatic operation mode of battery factory.

  Our company has been providing a series of glass fiber tubes for BAIC new energy vehicles. When the technical director of BAIC learned that our company also produces PVC heat shrinkable tubes, he was overjoyed. Because the softness of PVC heat shrinkable tube has not been found to be packaged on the battery pack, it has been worrying. Because the quality of the glass fiber tube provided by our company has remained stable, customers enthusiastically tried it, and as expected, not only its flexibility meets the needs of customers, but also its shrinkage time is one-third shorter than that of the suppliers currently in use, which greatly improves work efficiency and saves labor costs.

  In the application of battery pack for new energy vehicles, no matter who wins the first prize, we all know that it is one of the three cores of new energy vehicles, and the whole vehicle is running on this battery pack and installed on the chassis. Sunbow PVC heat shrinkable tube also has the following advantages:

  1) Reduce the production cost, and use fully automatic production equipment to avoid manual operation errors.

  2) Raw materials are imported from Germany, and the finished product has strong flexibility and more stable insulation and voltage resistance.

  3) It has R&D strength and complete factory testing equipment, which can save the pre-test cost.

  4) Have a history of automobile application, and tens of thousands of cars driving on the road are our quality testimony.

  Sunbow PVC heat shrinkable tube for new energy vehicle battery pack can maximize insulation protection, save labor cost and shorten shrinkage time at the same time, and its flexibility is just right for new energy vehicle battery pack.

  Sunbow is gradually becoming a brand product of insulating sleeve, approaching and surpassing the international first-line brands.