1970-01-01 08:32

  The quality of Sunbow PVC casing is in the top three, and Huawei has no quality complaints in five years.

  Many international brands such as Samsung, Siemens, Philips, Haier, Midea, Gree, Huawei, etc. all choose Sunbow's PVC sleeve, and many domestic peers envy Sunbow. Just received good news from Huawei customers, Sunbow has successfully entered Huawei's supplier system, and Sunbow's PVC sleeves can be printed with Sunbow's trademark and UL number, which means that Sunbow will have the opportunity to supply PVC sleeves for more and more wire suppliers under Huawei.

At present, there are many manufacturers producing PVC sleeves in China, with mixed quality, chaotic price and no standard. Most of the peers do not include transparent color, and the phthalates are not up to standard, and the size only covers 1.0-12.0mm.

  Huawei chose Sunbow's PVC bushing, which has a temperature resistance of 105 degrees and a flame retardant grade of UL VW-1. We have cooperated with Huawei's wire suppliers for five years, and there has not been a quality complaint in these five years.

Why did Huawei choose Sunbow's PVC sleeve?

  It is an existing fact that the quality of Sunbow PVC bushing is among the top three in the domestic insulating bushing industry. Our PVC sleeves are all certified by UL, Rohs and Reach, and the size covers a full range of 0.5-25.4mm, including all colors, and does not contain harmful elements such as heavy metals.

  In terms of quality control, Sunbow's suppliers of raw materials for PVC sleeves are all international brands, and the quality of raw materials is leading in the industry. Sunbow insists on incoming inspection and outgoing inspection, strictly requires quality control of production processes, and has a quality control for each process, and never lets parts with abnormal quality flow to the next process, thus strictly controlling the rejection rate of PVC sleeves.

  The delivery time of PVC sleeves is fast, and raw material suppliers are all near our factory. Orders placed today can usually be delivered to the factory the next day. Sunbow has 10 automatic extrusion PVC sleeve production lines, all of which are imported from Germany, with high precision and twice the traction speed, and the production workshops are all managed according to Huawei's requirements, which is not only timely, but also the leading position in the product quality brand industry.

  Sunbow PVC casing, the quality is in the top three. We need PVC casing, and we are confident that Sunbow should be the first choice.