1970-01-01 08:32

  It took 14 months to change the formula twice and make three proofs, and Sunbow won a large order for Mercedes-Benz glass fiber tubes.

  Since March, 18, Sunbow has been in contact with the headquarters of Mercedes-Benz Automobile, and has tried out a glass fiber tube for Mercedes-Benz new energy drive motor, which has high wear resistance and high tear resistance. It took a total of 14 months, revised the formula twice and re-proofed three times, and finally won a big order for Mercedes-Benz glass fiber tubes. Let colleagues at home and abroad be shocked, and they can't accept it.

  At present, there are more than 1,000 manufacturers producing glass fiber tubes in China, but most of them are of uneven quality, and the prices are not the lowest but lower. Most factories do not have their own unique formulas, so there is no difference in the products they make. The reason is that most factories are still in the stage of small workshops, and the raw materials of silica gel are all made in China.

  Since the establishment of our factory in 2008, Sunbow has set its eyes on the whole world, made an international market, and positioned itself at international high quality. In 2010, we obtained independent import and export rights, and can import raw materials such as glass fiber yarn and silica gel. At present, we import German Wacker silica gel as the preferred silica gel coating raw material for Sunbow. Sunbow has two factories in Shenzhen and Dongguan, and there are more than 40 production lines dedicated to customized samples and mass production for customers, which greatly reduces the time cost of frequent line changing and the delivery time is 30% faster than that of peers. And most of our peers don't have the strength to do so.

  In the near future, new energy vehicles will replace ordinary fuel vehicles. As early as three years ago, Sunbow entered the insulation field of new energy vehicles "Three Electricity". Since March of 18, Sunbow has been in contact with the headquarters of Mercedes-Benz Automobile to sample a glass fiber sleeve with strong wear resistance and tear resistance for Mercedes-Benz new energy drive motor. The test requirement is that the glass fiber sleeve on the lead wire of the drive motor will not crack when the motor rotates continuously for 30 days. After the evaluation of the technical department, we prepared a formula according to the customer's requirements. After the sample was sent to the customer, the customer replied that the wear resistance was very good for the first time, but the tear resistance only reached 60% of the requirements. Then we specially made a formula for the customer by Sunbow, but it was still not up to standard after being sent to the customer. In this way, we improved the formula twice and made three proofs. It took a year and two months to successfully pass the test of Mercedes-Benz headquarters and meet the customer's requirements, and started in October 19.

  Sunbow adopts imported Wacker silicone raw materials, and has a professional R&D team, which can customize the unique formula according to the specific needs of customers to meet the specific needs of customers. Most of the peers in the industry can't do this. Mercedes-Benz chose Sunbow's glass fiber sleeve because Sunbow has a unique formula and has the ability to tailor the glass fiber sleeve with unique performance.

  Sunbow glass fiber tube, the quality is in the top three.