1970-01-01 08:33

  Sunbow became the designated supplier of Panasonic, and there were no quality complaints for six consecutive years.

  Sunbow independently develops high-quality silicone tubes, benchmarks international first-line brands, has first-class product testing centers and advanced testing equipment, and has set up a professional R&D team. At the same time, Sunbow silicone tube adopts imported raw materials from abroad and cooperates with proprietary process formula to lay the quality foundation of silicone tube. Since 2014, Panasonic has designated the use of Sunbow silicone hose, and there have been no quality complaints for six consecutive years.

  At present, there are no fewer than 1,000 manufacturers producing silicone tubes in China. However, in order to win customers and attract customers at low prices, most manufacturers use ordinary silica gel and traditional vulcanizing agents, and the cost price is relatively low. Moreover, ordinary silicone tubes will slowly turn yellow after being used for a period of time, and their physiological inertia will be weakened in long-term use. At the same time, the silicone tube didn't have UL flame retardant test, and claimed that it could meet the requirements of flame retardant performance. The actual supply was indeed shoddy, and ordinary silicone was used instead of flame retardant silicone, which had a certain impact on the safety of customers' lives and property.

  At the beginning of 2014, Panasonic contacted us and consulted about the silicone tube, which was used in household appliances. It was required that the silicone tube must pass UL certification and RoHS, REACH environmental protection certification, and it was reported that the silicone tube of the previous supplier was easy to break, and there were impurities in the tube, which would cause frost after a few months. After communication, we recommended the imported fuel-resistant silicone tube to our customers, which was at least twice as tough as ordinary silicone and was not easy to break.

  One month after the sample was sent for testing, the customer replied by email that our silicone hose sample passed the test and successfully entered Panasonic's supplier system. Since 2014, Panasonic has been using Sunbow silicone hose, and there have been no quality complaints for six consecutive years. Now it is a first-class supplier of Panasonic.

  Sunbow silicone tube has excellent high and low temperature resistance, good physiological stability and excellent resilience, and it is not easy to break. If you want to buy a good silicone tube, please contact Sunbow.